Me at Sultanahmet Meydaninda.
Me at Sultanahmet Meydaninda.

Hi there!

My name is Danilo. I was born in Turin in the far 1983: yeah I know it was the previous century… But not so far! In astrology I have the sun in scorpion and cancer ascendent. In the Chinese calendar it was the year of the pig.

I love nature and I like to trekking in it. When is not possible to practice it, I go out for long walks, to get some panoramic places in the surroundings of my city.

In the 2007, the interest for Information Tecnology pushed me to attend a technical school in the evening, after working hours, to obtain a Diploma in Computer Science in one of the best high-school in the city: “Amedeo Avogadro“. Now I handle various languages, especially those strictly web related (HTML, XML, PHP, SQL and JavaScript), and others (sh, perl and java).

To improve my English skills I started to translate in Italian some articles regarding various topics; for the same reason I also started to pen palling. So if you want to be my pen friend, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for being here!