Istanbul, II

I want to start this post with an aphorism from my country: “Sias pretziau e non sias brofetau”, but I don’t want to explain the meaning or why I decided to write here. I know it, and that is the only important thing.
Now I’ll try to write a recap of this past days.

In Istanbul there are cats everywhere. People treat they very good, also if are free cats.

Dinner, inside Balık Pazarı, I ate a traditional beef dish served in a terracotta container.

I meet my colleagues. Communicate with they is not simple but when we understand each other, I’m very satisfied!
First Turkish coffee. One of my collegues tried to read my future from my coffee cup.
I saw a female manifestation in front of Galatasaray High School.
For dinner I ate Turkish ravioli in a beautiful place underground: vaulted ceilings and exposed brick. When we exited from the tavern outside it was just finished to raining!

Golden horn day
The first walk on the Galata Bridge, and the first look to the Asia; when I looked towards her I felt a twinge.
I can say that Istanbul is the emblem of my life in this particular moment.
Dinner, I ate bread fish directly cooked in a boat tied to the quay.
I’m entered for the first time in a Mosque, (Yeni Cami). I really enjoyed this particular moment: beautiful feelings.

My colleagues are very smart and funny girls! They said that Monday they will bring food cooked by them. Whoa!
I tasted for the first time Nar Suyu, the most expensive juice that I bought in my life, not because is an expensive juice but because the seller was dishonest with me!!! No problem, I’m happy anyway…

Language notes
günaydın – good morning – buongiorno (gunaiden)
teşekkür ederim – thank you – grazie (tesceccur ederim)
evet – yes – si
çok – many – molto (ciock)
çılgın – crazy – pazzo (ciungun)