Istanbul, IV

Ah, I like to use roman numbers, but this is the last post about Istanbul my friends… I’m sad, but in the same time I’m pretty sure that there will be other chances to write about this amazing place on our blue planet.

First of all, I want to report the translation of my Facebook post, dedicated at all my new Turkish friends:

The first words that I learned in Istanbul are günaydın (good morning), evet (yes), tamam (ok), teşekkür ederim (thank you). This are all positive words. The Turkish people that I had the pleasure to know, to share a little part (but meaningful) of existence together, are all positive people; I want to thank they infinitely for the for the affection shown, in the hope to have been able to return successfully.

I want to dedicate a thought to all this people, our valid colleagues Merve and Meltem, our lighthouse in the night Sedat, his staff Pinar, Ömer and Ilhan, the other workers in the workplace: Candan, Esma, Melek, Eda, Zeynep, Halit, our friendly colleague Selim.

An especial thanks to Cristina and Francesco the people who made this experience reality.

Görüşürüz Instanbul, inşallah! :)


I liked so much this experience. I had the opportunity to meet very kind people.

Before to go to Istanbul, I was very sad for a badly broken friendship. In this days I tried to assimilate the pain that I was feeling; and if in one side I saw only silences and cold sadness, in the other I saw smiles and real affection. The second one is overflowed, covering totally the first one.

The conversations, the laughs, the meals and the Turkish coffees. But also the faces, the places, the happenings, the sounds, the smells and the tastes. I hope to keep so long all this in my mind.