Moses and the dolphin

The wooden board was adrift for several hours now. The small boat had sunk the night before, probably around eleven at night: this is what Moses hypothesized, remembering the position of the stars and the moon, just before the sky was veiled in a blanket of clouds illuminated by lightning. The storm had been unleashed sudden and violent, for the time needed to swallow in the depths the house of the old sea dog. Moses, was sitting cross-legged on that last Floating support. He had always revered the sea as a deity, because up to that time had allowed him to survive, so he respected it, begged it and feared it. A life of sacrifice and suffering, his life. In that situation, however, it was difficult to understand what happened, he wondered why that punishment at the mercy of the waves, far from land and no useful way to save. Lost, stroked his beard with his left hand, and tried not to think about death and suffering which would lead him to.

The sun was high in the sky and the middle of the day was outdated, Moses assumed the trajectory that would attempt to take when the sun had done more low and mild. His salvation was all in that last-ditch effort. If it had lasted for at least two more days in those conditions, would have had the hope of reaching land. So it was that force, had dampened the link with the sea water and if it was bandaged on the head to protect it from the sun. He would alternate between the head and the torso, in order to avoid burns. He had nearly finished arranging the turban, but something stopped him, a big fish was approaching him. At first he thought a shark and in an instant the blood froze in my veins, but then her eye expert identified the appearance of the dolphin. And it really was for luck. The dolphin came slowly down to the wood and then had filed the muzzle toward Moses. Moses, in assisting at the scene was moved again, but this time in amazement.

He thought that in spite of the bitter fate that hung over his head, he was happy to be the protagonist of such a divine manifestation. The fisherman, his eyes moist with tears stroked the creature with his left hand, it didn’t seem to fear him. The eyes of the two, crossed, as if they can communicate with each other; those weary sailor begging only a little compassion to those two little points blacks and lively, they wanted to comfort him in some way. A few minutes in all, a few moments of pure poetry, then the dolphin back underwater. Relieved of its nature, but also dazzled by the sun and fatigue, the sailor is completely relaxed, he believed that these were landing signals to Paradise. After a while, however, something even more amazing happened: the dolphin was returning, and with the mouth pinzava the network of cocci that Moses kept on board. Moses just could not give an explanation, merely to thank his God and his unusual savior. Moses stroked the side of the dolphin before taking the network, after which the Dolphin is riallontanĂ². Moses then decided he would not wait for the cool, the received signals were unambiguous and there was no more time to lose. He took out two of the cocci contained in the bag and put them between your legs apart, then tied the bag with the remaining coconut to an ankle. He took the two coconuts and made them collide against each other with all his remaining strength in his arms, until the first yield. Moses was finally able to drink. He tapped again to remove some parts of the fruit and could even eat. He wiped his hands smeared with coconut milk on the face, on the arms and chest, and then marched. Nothing would stop him now.

The trip was exhausting but to alleviate the hardships, helped him thinking he is not alone: constant distinguished the squad and snaps, his savior.

When the sun rises the light lit up the land on the horizon, he felt the biggest relief of all his life.

After other two hours of efforts, Moses arrived on a beach. The dolphin had followed him up to it. Moses stroked him, thanked him, sobbing tears and sent him away. Racing under the shade of some trees nearby and stayed there for two days. On the third day, bought back a bit of forces, Moses began to look around to reorganize his life, when he saw his friend out to sea waiting for him. Since then, the two meet every day. Moses decided to settle in that place, he built himself a hut on a spur rather than repaired and a raft to go back into the sea, from time to time: it never went beyond the safe waters, but that was enough time to catch some little fish to share with his friend.