As announced in the previous post, here I talk about trains. Exist a parallelism between the status of the place where I live (the Planet Earth), and that of its railway lines. Well, we can apply this kind of symmetry to all the shared micro-places around us (world wide web, bazars, elevators et cetera), if only we slow down to observe these. If we want to be finicky, every single thing can offer more than a simple one layer of reading. I noticed with the trains in particular, because I traveled frequently in the last months.

People interactions, how the people occupies the seats (or better, the space) in a wagon, and how they spend the traveling time, but also the service offered by the train companies, their punctuality and cleaning… are some examples: are all keys to learn about our behavior, even can help us to predict the future.

I only wish to invite you to play this fantastic game, I don’t want to offer you the solution for the puzzle: to observe. I must warn you however, may be painful…