Ordinary bad day

In a bad day like today, a work lasted since the November of the past year is in part lost. At least, appear to me in this way now, after a crushing defeat.

The worst thing can happen to a person, is to have to fight with itself every single day of his life, in addition to part of the rest of the world.

I envy shamelessly who does not have these problems: those people who have as main worry the organization with their friends on who shall bring wine or snacks to the next party.

But, why I’m writing this here??? Nobody cares to read pathetic thoughts of a boring little man in the big beautiful universe! People are in Internet to get entertained, or at least to feed his ego. Not certanly to grow up real feelings!

In this moment, I wish to have only a person near to me: only one person on my side, telling  me that it’s all ok. But its not possible: this person is far away from me: geographically, but maybe also culturally and humanly…

Also in the identification of my guardian angel, my mind is against to me… So I’ve made jackpot, big up to me!