Istanbul, I

The travel
Turkish airlines is a good company. The plane was a pretty new airbus 321-200, with touchscreens to watch films and play some games but after a short sudoku game, I choosed to watch the app about the flight status for the rest of the time. I never suffered the flight. The lunch was good. The duration was 3 hours circa, in a little late.

The taxi cab
Here the taxi is written “taksi”, everybody here drive dangerously fast. we arrived to our target in a short time. The driver expressed some good words for one of the our past prime minister (I was sarcastic).

The work
After a talk with our Turkish contact on place of work; our collegues offered to us tea and some sweet: very kind people! The work is challenging, but the result will be definitely rewarding in professional terms. Then our contact showed us our accommodation.

Free time
Shower, some messages and out for the dinner! But before we walked to see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and Hagia Sophia during the chant of the Muezzin. Then we went to the House of Medusa for the meal, near Hagia Sophia.

Here in Istambul there are many poor Syrians escaped from the conflict in their land, who ask for a coin. It’s a big tragedy.

İstiklal Caddesi is a very active boulevard. Full of local, youth and noise!

So this was a very long day and I want to learn the greetings and other words for tomorrow, for now the story stops here. But I have many things to say yet! So maybe tomorrow night…